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The Top Form lets you change quantities, delete items and set postal country if not UK. Update Cart after any changes to recalculate the total if it does not do so automatically. Tablet users should keep the keyboard open while changing values as required and updating, not tap Enter on each field.

UK Paypal Buy Now takes you straight to Paypal′s secure page where you can pay with a Paypal account or with major credit or debit cards.

EU Paypal Buy Now is for non UK buyers. First set Postal Area to the delivery country to calculate postage.

Worldpay allows secure payment with major credit or debit cards or a Paypal account. A form for delivery details will appear when you click.

The email button allows email of any order that does not include downloads. A form for delivery details will appear when you click. Only UK Schools, significant organisations and companies may order in advance of payment.

The print option creates a printable form that you can fill in online or manually. Make any required changes to your cart or Postal Area before selecting.

Order details will be emailed to you if you use any of the online options. Check your spam box if it does not arrive in a reasonable time. If you have paid online the email will contain a link for any program downloads.