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About Gatekeeper Educational Ltd

Gatekeeper Educational Ltd was formed in October 2003 with the intention of marketing educational software and printed materials to primary and secondary schools in the UK, initially in the field of life sciences. Gatekeeper Educational Ltd was accepted by Curriculum Online both as content provider and as a retailer.

About the directors


Ecologist and Wildlife Illustrator. Formerly Director of The Ecology & Conservation Centre, which specialized in Science and ICT for pupils and INSET courses for Teachers. Formerly Advisory Teacher for Environmental Education, Hertfordshire. Author and illustrator for the books, "Biodiversity of Animals" and "Biodiversity of Plants" published by Pearson Publishing." Action for Plants". Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. "Land & Water Invertebrates" Southgate Publishing. Educational Packs written and illustrated for Nuclear Electric at Sizewell, Trawsfynydd and Anglesey. Also creates wildlife and other sculptures".

F.J.Ahearn. B.Sc. 1st Class Honours. Process Chemistry. Bath University

Thirty years in IT development, including training simulators. Software consultant through own limited company for twelve years. Languages include C, Visual C++, VB6, VB.net, jscript, Android apps and others. Significant experience in voluntary work in schools. Experienced IT trainer. A significant IT project was writing the image processing software used to produce these satellite images on ESA/NASA

Gatekeeper Educational Ltd
Regd office: Pineta, Hamsey Road, Sharpthorne, West Sussex, RH19 4PA
Company Reg. No. 4943332, Registered in England and Wales
Directors: L.K.Merrick and F.J.Ahearn
Trading Address: High House, Upper Sapey, Worcestershire, WR6 6EU