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UK Land Invertebrates and Freshwater Creatures
ID Cards

Double sided A6 laminated cards in a plastic folder for identifying 40 Land Invertebrates and 40 Freshwater Creatures.

The cards are grouped into land invertebrates, freshwater invertebrates, amphibians and fish. Each group is in turn grouped according to main characteristics, land invertebrates by number of legs for example. An index card tells you which card numbers are likely to include the creature you are trying to identify. Ideal for pond dipping or bug hunts.

Illustrations include a main picture and various details. Insect pictures show both adult and larva. Various text information includes main characteristics such as number of legs, if it has wings, colour, size, habitat and food. Also Latin Name.

The robust cards can be shared for the creation of databases, individual projects and as a reference for art work.

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