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Plants UK

Plants UK is a Windows program for easy identification of common British Plants and fulfils many of the requirements of National Curriculum Science, Life Process and Living Things, Key Stage 2 and 3 and Information Technology. It has been created by a teacher for teachers and is artistically unique in that all the plants featured are original full colour illustrations. Simple context sensitive help is available on use of all forms and fully detailed help is available from the menu.

The program is available on CD ROM or to download. Use the shopping cart at the bottom of this page to order.


Choose one of the three plant group databases from the key form. The databases cover 118 species in total.


Matches or databases may also be selected from the thumbnail browser. A name browser allows choice by common name.


Answer what questions you can on the identification forms. Help and additional information are available if you need them.


Eight interactive exercises cover topics such as sorting with keys, naming plant parts and photosynthesis.


Matches are presented as a cascade of full colour species plates with a text description button. Pictures may be copied.


Additional information on a number of topics is available on attractive scrolling pages with many pictures.


Additional material on the CD and accessible from within the program includes 11 printable worksheets.


  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 7 or
  • Microsoft Vista or
  • Microsoft Windows XP with service pack 2 or later

Updates: Whenever possible, any updates we make to this program will be made available on our website free of charge to users of previous versions.

General: Programs are not for sale or use outside the EU.

By purchasing you agree to the terms and conditions.

Plants UK download. 3 user licence.


Plants UK on CD ROM. 3 user licence.



Plants UK download. Full site licence.


Plants UK on CD ROM. Full site licence.